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The care we take is the quality that our customers see.

In Asica, we have been part of the agricultural industry in Latin America for almost half a century. Initially, we worked as producers; now we are one of the leading suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia.


When you get Asica, you experience quality.

We take precision and transparency very seriously. Attention to detail is in our DNA. We are veterans of agriculture and we are 100% committed from the cultivation to the commercialization of our products. We are the true essence of a producer, packer, and distributor.


Why choose us?


We maintain the offer of our products during different periods of the year. There will never be a lack of quality at your table!


In Asica we speak more than 7 different languages to communicate with our partners quickly and in their mother tongue.


We optimize efforts to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, including reducing the use of our natural resources in production lots and packing houses and implementing reforestation programs.


We are obsessed with quality, from the control of the harvest and critical points to cutting-edge delivery methods.


For our processes to be fully efficient and of high quality, the intervention of technology is necessary in all its phases. In this way, we ensure that we meet and exceed the standards required by the market.

Helping Hand

We promote the development of local communities, stimulating the economy of remote regions of Peru and Latin America, through the direct and indirect creation of more than 1000 jobs.