Organic Quinoa

With more than 50 years of agricultural experience and with experience growing ancient grains several years ago, we are currently sourcing our organic Quinoa with the special care from the Andes in Peru. All of our Quinoa is sourced from the production lots that carefully adhere to USDA and EU requirements. 

  - Organic and Naturally grown in the highlands of Ayacucho and Puno.  

  - ORGANIC QUINOA: White, Red, Black, Tri-Color

  - CONVENTIONAL QUINOA: White, Red, Black, Tri-Color

  - Bulk: 10kg, 25kg, 50 kg bags 

  - Private Label for retailers and distributors: 16 oz, 500 gr, 32 oz, 1000 gr, Etc.

  - We test our quinoa 3 times before we process to assure standards

  - Availability: Year-round

O R G A N I C    Q U I N O A    S A L E S